Help them out by referring them to ecomDNA.


Why refer to ecomDNA:

1.  $1,000 cash payment for each successful referral (when client signs and commits to at least 3 months of service/when a client purchases a GAP Report)

2. We offer super cool incentives:  See below for info on how you can get rewarded.

3. With less of our resources being used on sales and marketing, we can put even more of our focus on serving our customers.

4. Do some good for the world: If you would prefer to donate your referral commissions to a charity or foundation of your choice, we can help you do that.

Our Services:

1. Full management of your brand presence on Amazon: We take the headache out and add in more control by providing a service tailored to your unique needs.

2. GAP Report: A comprehensive analysis of where you are and how to get where you want to be.

Who is a good referral for ecomDNA?

A good fit would be:

1. A business visionary who is dedicated to the process and willing to implement the strategies we create together.

2. Established: most of our clients are 7-figure businesses and are not afraid to invest to see the best results.

3. Bold and eager: not afraid to welcome new changes and own the game.


A bad fit would be:

1. Super early stage

2. Has no interest in getting on Amazon: If someone isn’t already thinking about joining this platform, then we can’t convince them or gain long-term commitment, which is what’s needed for an optimal outcome.

3. Looking for immediate $$$

Milestone Incentives:

5 referrals:

A pair of Airpod Pros

10 referrals:

An iPad Pro

25 referrals:

A feast at any restaurant for you and 7 of your closest friends.

50 referrals:

Roundtrip flights for two and world 5-star hotel accommodations for 3 nights to anywhere in the world.

100 referrals:

A Tesla of your choice, for real…

How to make a referral:

Just introduce the lead to John via


Sample email intro:

Hi {super_amazing_lead},

I wanted to introduce you to John Cavendish at ecomDNA. He has a great agency that is focused on helping brands like yours double or even triple revenue.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the outcome.

You two can take it from here and I hope that this intro proves worthwhile!

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