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Full Management Success Story

OverBoard: how ecomDNA’s full account management doubled revenue in just 3 months

“EcomDNA for us is a one-stop-shop that allows us to tap into the diverse knowledge of the Amazon platform so we can concentrate on other efforts and leave everything to the guys on the team.”

– Joe Meadows, Sales and Marketing Director at OverBoard


About OverBoard

With more people ditching their 9-5 office jobs in search of adventure more than ever, OverBoard spotted a huge hole in the market: high quality, functional waterproof bags suitable for keeping the technology and clothes of thrill-seekers safe and dry while living their dreams. With their Class 3 IP66 waterproof rating, OverBoard’s products are as good as it gets in the waterproof bag market.

Their Situation

Before we started working with OverBoard, their Amazon presence wasn’t disparate to a ball of string. Some products were being sold by them directly, some by resellers (not all of which were approved). Some were being fulfilled by them, some by Amazon. They weren’t selling in Europe, but their products were. On top of all this, the products that they were selling weren’t performing to the level that they wanted them to.

Their Goals on Amazon

OverBoard wanted to turn Amazon into a stable revenue stream for their business but weren’t sure if it was possible. They had been stung by agencies who over-promised and under-delivered as well as resellers who poached their buy boxes. From where they were, only selling certain products from their line in the UK market, they wanted to expand to the rest of the EU (eventually the US) and at least double their revenue.

Our Approach

  1. The first step was to protect the products that they were already selling by getting their brand registered with Amazon. We handle all tedious back-and-forths with Amazon as part of our service. We could then remove resellers and ensure sales went straight to OverBoard.
  2. We optimized all pictures, titles, and bullets on their listings to maximise visibility and conversion.
  3. We took over Customer Service, implemented follow up strategies to increase the number of reviews coming in and attempted to turn any negative feedback into positive results.
  4. Listings were translated and launched in German, Spanish, French and Italian on all of the EU marketplaces. Sales started coming in throughout Europe and all Customer Service was handled in the local languages.
  5. Detailed keyword research was done and PPC marketing campaigns were launched. Optimizations were performed every day, with negative keywords being added and bids being adjusted. Pretty soon we were getting some great results.


“They take away the pain which allows us to concentrate on other areas of the business and eventually helps our Amazon listings in the long run. They really are on top of their game and true experts in this field.”

– Joe Meadows, Sales and Marketing Director at OverBoard

We saw such a great opportunity with OverBoard that when we started working with them we offered a guarantee that we would double their revenue within 6 months or their money back. You may think that was a gamble but, having a team of experts that have both done it for themselves and for other clients before, we knew it was achievable. Within 3 months we had doubled OverBoard’s total Amazon revenue while only managing 3 of their ~20 products. As of now, 5 months from when we began, we have taken on 3 more products and sales have increased by over 140% with ad campaigns generating 48% of total sales. With ecomDNA as an extension of their team, Amazon has turned in to an invaluable revenue stream for OverBoard. It has allowed them to also make savings in other areas with a reduction in staffing, knowing that with us on board they didn’t need an internal team member to manage their Amazon presence.

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