We Walk the Walk

Our expert team cut our teeth creating and launching multiple 7 figure eCommerce companies we also own. Our background in engineering and process management has allowed us to scale brands very rapidly across Amazon’s global marketplaces. The same team that created all this success is now helping established brands take advantage of Amazon’s global marketplace.


Our Founder

John Cavendish  CEng MIMechE

Our leader and head of strategy has a background in engineering and project management, this focus on processes is part of the fabric of ecomDNA. His experience owning and overseeing over $4M in sales through his own eCommerce ventures has allowed ecomDNA to become the premier Consultancy and Amazon Channel Management provider for brands who want scale fast with a supportive team around them.

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Our Team

Arvin Teano

Amazon Operations Manager

Regina Nguyen

Amazon Operations Assistant

Nikita Airyt

Client Account Manager

Jose Duran

Client Account Manager

Hallie Tran

Client Account Manager

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