The fundamentals of how you successfully scale a product can be determined through the numbers.

EcomDNA was started by Amazon Experts who understand that e-commerce is a science. We learned that applying certain processes based on the data given by Amazon gives a much higher chance of success, reliably and quickly. Having a background in engineering and process management has allowed us to scale brands very rapidly, several brands with under ten SKUs to seven figures in multiple worldwide marketplaces. The same team that created all this success is now helping established brands take advantage of Amazon’s global marketplace. We help them set up systems for sustainable double-digit growth on the world’s biggest ecom platform.

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Our Services

Global E-Commerce Management

Maximize USA & GLOBAL sales with our experienced team. Our team will apply our data driven processes to get your brand on track across Amazon globally. We are among the leading experts on growing in Amazon Europe and can deliver the same growth to your business.

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Personalized Strategy & Consulting

Get a customized solution from our experts. We know that every business is different and some brands already have implementation teams in place. Our experts are happy to share our knowledge and experience to design bespoke strategies and solutions customized for your business needs.

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Our Methods

Thought Leaders

Our team is led by established leaders in the eCommerce space. The systems that we have created to achieve reliable success have been utilised around the world by our experts while launching in the USA and GLOBAL marketplaces.


We know the truth is in the numbers. We don’t base our management on hunches, we make data-driven decisions to achieve reliable results. Our systems are a combination of industry best practice and our own proprietary methods for achieving maximum results.

Amazon Experts

Our team spent years walking the walk as we built multiple 7-figure eCommerce companies from scratch. We then worked successfully as consultants with several other partners before officially opening ourselves up to new clients. Now we apply our proven system to brands all over the world.

Working with ecomDNA has been an amazing experience, our Amazon sales on several launches have been incredible! We did our first $100k revenue on a single SKU in 14 days with less than $1k per day ad spend!

Amin, AJ Products Limited

We created this free guide to help new brands make the most out of their presence on Amazon. This case study will detail the exact processes we used to help this brand launch from $0 and quickly grow to $100k. If you have a brand with AMZ sales potential, this is for you.

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Our Process

Research & Analysis

We always start with our proprietary evaluation of the client’s brand and their competitors in the Amazon marketplace. We then use analysis tools to understand what it would take to achieve desired sales goals. Amazon is unlike brick and mortar distro models because eCommerce and Amazon in particular is growing and taking more and more business away from those older models. We help brands understand what they need to do to drive online sales as the platform continues to grow.

Amazon Setup and Optimisation

Our experts have set up and maintained countless Amazon listings. Being part of the growing eCommerce ecosystem our team have created and set up countless accounts across all the Amazon marketplaces. From listings to warehouse selection to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, we can provide a full service from start to finish.

PPC & Product Launch

Detailed keyword research and product analysis. Our team produces Amazon keyword research for every SKU individually to ensure that we have all Keywords and Phrases for every product. We then create custom PPC campaigns based on the client’s goals; brand awareness, PPC profitability, sales volume (or any combination of these). We can then work directly with your team on product launches to utilise any customer lists or sales data that you have.

Follow up and Customer Service

We treat your customers as our customers. From our eCommerce roots, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service. Our dedicated Customer Service team works around the clock to ensure that all Customer Service messages are responded to rapidly and all issues are resolved to full satisfaction. We can provide full customer service in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Ongoing Optimisation and PPC Management

We want you to grow and dominate your Amazon product niche. Our team will run your Amazon account as our own. Your dedicated account manager will keep you informed on all projects, and we can integrate directly with any part of your business that you need us to. Our logistics manager will share inventory usage & projections with your team so that we ensure smooth operations with no surprises. PPC managers will keep your PPC optimized and set goals with your team. Our aim is to become a seamless extension of your own business.

Global Expansion

We are the only Amazon Strategy consultants to have experience owning our own 7-figure accounts in both the USA and Europe. We bring all of this knowledge with us in both managing accounts and consulting on global expansion. We can support your global expansion with our internal staff and network of external service providers to make the transition seamless from either the USA to EU, or EU to USA marketpalce.

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